RoyPow 48V 56AH/105AH/160AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart battery
RoyPow 48V 56AH/105AH/160AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart battery
RoyPow 48V 56AH/105AH/160AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart battery

RoyPow 48V 56AH/105AH/160AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart battery

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Since most golf carts are more likely to apply 48V battery, we have designed different products to meet the need of market. S5156 is the popular one for it can give you more comfortable and reliable driving experience. It is specially designed for your golf cart to replace the lead-acid batteries.

For its compact unit, high energy dense and zero maintenance, it can be more powerful and cost effective for your fleet. It’s a very endure battery to help you do what you love longer. We’ve harnessed the power of lithium-ion chemistry and advanced BMS technology to build you a better battery.

48V system is applied by most golf carts, so we have designed diversified products to meet the need of market. S51105 has two models to cater for your different grassland. One is for standard, which can deliver you hassle-free experience for the integrated battery system. Another one is for higher power & special demands, which is one of our P series. Even your grassland is sloop or uneven, the specific S51105P can perform well in the toughest conditions. We are sure they can be your type, if you are finding a 48V/105A battery. They can give you a better experience in terms of high charge efficiency, maintenance free, and less cost and so on.

48V batteries are the most popular voltage system for golf carts, so various products have been designed to meet the diversified demands. Our 48V/160A batteries generally have two designs for different scenarios. First design is for standard, another is from our P series family. Except maintenance free, cost effective and 10-year battery life and other merits from our advanced LiFePO4 batteries. 3 more things you need to know from our P series: Power promotion. More powerful when accelerating. Higher stability. With minimal vibration and can work well in tough condition. Longer lasting. Offering further endure power and sustain your passion from morning to night.

Model S5156 S51105 S51105P S51160 S51160P
Nominal Voltage  51V 51V 51 V 51 V 51 V
NominalCapacity 56 Ah 105 Ah 105 Ah 160 Ah 160 Ah
Stored Energy 2.86 kWh 5.37 kWh 5.37 kWh 8.19 kWh 8.19 kWh
Cycle Life >3,500 times >3,500 times >3,500 times >3,500 times >3,500 times
Self Discharge
(per month)
Max 3% Max 3% Max 3% Max 3% Max 3%
Dimension (L×W×H) 460x334x247 mm 460x334x247 mm 565x330x255 mm 800x360x232 mm 800x320x232 mm
Weight 73 lbs. (33 kg) 95 lbs. (43.2 kg) 103 lbs. (46.8 kg) 159 lbs. (72 kg) 165 lbs. (75 kg)
Typical Mileage  Per Full Charge 35-48 km (20-30 miles) 64-81 km (40-50 miles) 64-81 km (40-50 miles) 97-113 km (60-70 miles) 97-113 km (60-70 miles)
Standard Charge 22 A 22 A 22 A 22 A 22 A
Discharge Current
Continuous Discharge 50 A 100 A 150 A 100 A 160 A
Maximum Discharge 200 A (10 s) 200 A (10 s) 315 A (30 s) 200 A (10 s) 315 A (30 s)
Charging Time
tandard Charge 2.5 h 5.0 h 5.0 h 7.5 h 7.5 h
Environment Temp. Range
Charge:32°F~131°F ( 0°C ~ 55°C)
Discharge:-4°F~131°F ( -20°C ~ 55°C)
Storage( 1 month ):-4°F~113°F ( -20°C~45°C)
Storage( 1 year ):32°F~95°F ( 0°C~35°C)
Cell Combination 16S1P 16S1P 16S1P 16S2P 16S2P
Cell Assembly LF50K (3.2 V 50 Ah) LF105 (3.2 V 105 Ah) LF105 (3.2 V 105 Ah) LF80A (3.2 V 80 Ah) LF80A (3.2 V 80 Ah)
Casing Material Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
IP Rating IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67