RoyPow is the leader in R&D and manufacturing of LiFePO4 batteries.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in battery technology, RoyPow Technology is proud to offer you professional battery system solutions for LEV (low speed vehicle) including Golf Carts, AGV (automated guided vehicle), Forklift, Energy Storage etc.

Automotive grade battery manufacturing, enable us to build world-renowned li-ion battery brand and provide better solutions to our customers.

RoyPow has 6 factories and fully automated production lines that help to keep our products consistent and reliable. Our staff of 8,000 includes more than 500 R&D engineers and 40 PhD-level employees who between them have created over 1,000 patents in the last 20 years. That level of expertise has led to breakthrough products in areas across the battery system industry. All in a day’s work for the innovators at RoyPow!



We have imported a series of automatic production line to ensure the consistency of the products.
Based on the advanced power battery production capability,we are aiming to provide the top quality Lithium Batteries.
We have imported the most cutting edge production line and introduced the top level management team. We will keep moving forward!

1.Mixing——the blood
Import American advanced equipment, holding the most advanced mixing idea, automatically control the input and output of the material.
We have the best manufacture efficiency and most accurate control method, ensure the output and quality for 400 thousand batteries every day.


2.Coating——set the bone
Input the same double coating way as Samsung and Panasonic and realize self-surpass. We reduce the setup time, reduce the wasting of exchange, improve the efficiency and realize lean manufacturing.
We monitor the thickness online, the highest speed of coating is 25m/min, which match the high quality request.

3.Calendaring——mould the skin
Perfect precision adjustment, online control all the way, double synchronous pressurization. All originates from the advance imported equipment and EVE technology seamlessly combines, make the roller compaction thickness strict control in the plus or minus 2 microns of tolerance.

4.Slitting——draw the vein
Even if manufacture 400000pcs / day, the hob still cannot be disturbed, every mm plate can be ensured. Speed and quality organic combines well in each guide rail.

5.Winding——build the body
Our factory is equipped with 12 sets winding machine from Japan, each device can output 30 roll core (30 PPM) every minute, which is a representative of the most advanced level in the industry.
But this is only the starting point of EVE plan, the equipments can also release unmanned automatic splicing and exchange the roll, it can adapt to different models within the shortest rolls exchange time, based on these, EVE has the ability to look forward to a faster and better future for winding process.

6.Assembly——shape the body
Two fully automatically assembly line, 260 battery output per minute (260 pcs/min), it is just the beginning of our plan. Based on the best automated production line in the world, we promise to release a superb assembly production efficiency and quality in the world.

7.Formation/Capacity——build the soul
Import the industry's most advanced equipment from Korea, release unmanned automated information management and adopt the automatic monitoring system for  the top and bottom boxes, thus to ensure the consistency and production capacity of the power battery.
All of the information record is controlled by online system, all products and components on line shall be monitored by machine, completely avoid the risk of manual work.

8.Aging/Sorting——strengthen the basis
Information automation management, closely connected with the former process, relying on the bar code control segment of each battery, to ensure the traceability of each single cell, and make sure each battery which provided to the customer is perfect.